The SunnySide Company

Thank You...

to everyone who supported us for the past 4 years.
It was a lot of fun.

Special Thanks

to our artists, our musicians, and all our riders,
past and present*

- Derek Brennan, Denney Fuller, & Jeremy Riley

The SunnySide Company Art
Denney Fuller

Who We Were

The SunnySide Company
was a group of skateboarders, snowboarders and artists who made clothing and accessories to reflect such personalities. Our goal was merely to attract interest of people like ourselves, to be able to showcase their own passion and talent for skateboarding, snowboarding, and art, or to simply spread the knowledge of our existence. Founded in Mesa, Arizona in 2006, SunnySide spread it's roots to Utah, California, and Washington.


Kyle Boch at Battle Ground - 2009 RON by Brock Nielsen - 2010 Back Lips, Back Flips and Dumb Tricks - 2009 ¡Fiesta En España! - 2010 Untitled, SunnySide Snowboarding in Utah - 2007 A Fine Day at Brighton - 2010

Top Products

The SunnySide Company Products Old Man SunnySide T-Shirts The Beatnik T-shirt Custom Dye T-shirts Ming & Ping Wilderness T-Shirt Show Yourself T-Shirt El Perro Del Mar T-Shirt Bum Gloves Cuffed Shorts Scarf Beanie Cool Cuy Shades


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